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Uthando Lukababa (God's Love)  


FOCUS released an album, Uthando Lukababa (God's Love) in June 2014. This CD features tight African harmonies and chords with a few spunky English songs as well. Copies of the album are being sold quiclky as many of their fans have long awaited this album.

In lieu of the groups vision, "Giving Back to Africa", $3.00 of every CD sold will be donated to COMAC, a Christian boarding school located in Benin City, Nigeria. The much needed funds will be used for the building of a girls, dormitory, staff quarters, and a bus to transport children who are sick to receive medical care in a timely manner. In a community where there is no secondary school and where mainly traditional African religions are practiced, this school will be a light shining in the darkness.





 Apa Ne Apa Boradcast on public radio KALW 91.7 in San Fransisco

FOCUS' music has been played on air in different parts of Africa.
This is the First time Apa Ne Apa was broadcasted on public radio in the US. 9/27/12.



FOCUS feelin "Avulekil' aMasango"!


I Pad 3 Winners at the Single Release Concert:
September, 2012

Congrats to the winning ticket holders for the I Pad Raffle

3rd Place FOCUS T-Shirt and cap goes to Michele Ovattara.
2nd Place $100 Wal-Mart Gift card goes to Dr. Jonathan Mtombeni.
1st Place I Pad 3 goes to Nkosi Muzwi.

Enjoy your gifts and thank you to all who participated in the raffle!



FOCUS' Single Album, Uthando Lukababa" has now been released.
September 15, 2012

The house was packed for the Single Release Concert at the All Nations African SDA Church in San Bernardino, California on that night. Standing room only, FOCUS Released their Album, "Uthando Lukababa". 

CD's were sold at the break after the song was released, as well as, FOCUS Fan T-shirts for men and women and other authentic African items. (Available on the Marketplace tab http://focusmuzik.org/marketplace.php )

The crowd stood and sang with Emmanuel and FOCUS as they competed to outdo each other singing the song written by Venus, "Merciful God". One free African feather pen set was given to an audience member who could remember the name
of the second song that was sung for
the concert.  



 Single Album available on the Marketplace tab for $5.00

 The concert ended with an appeal for  redication to God by a Pastor Dwayne Spencer who sang with FOCUS to their song "My Hands" and called for an appeal from the audience.






        Afrinet (African Network) 
May 6, 2012

Afrinet 2012 will take place at Loma Linda University Drayson Center. This 4th Annual Cultural Show promotes Celebrating Africa's Diverse Cultures. The event will have African Food, Entertainment and of course FOCUS will be performing and doing a promotional booth for awaness for the school building of COMAC. FOCUS upcoming album release will also be promoted.

Details on COMAC:http://focusmuzik.org/allthings.php




 62 kids this year!
         School is in Session!       


April, 2012

COMAC, the Nigerian school that FOCUS is helping to sponsor, now has 62 students.

For more details on the schools progress or to help, click on this link: http://focusmuzik.org/allthings.php


 San Bernardino Community Health Fair
 March 27, 2012

 FOCUS performed some lively traditional  
 pieces for this inner-city health fair that
 was sponsored by the Campus Hill SDA 
 Church, in Southern California. This event
 offered free blood pressure checks, health
 screenings, nutritional counseling and  
 many more free resources for income
qualified families.

 "Your Body in FOCUS" monthly website
  posting was promoted to give out free
  health tips and recipes for total body 



 Rancho Cucamonga Piano Recital
 March 19, 2012

This exciting Saturday nite event was based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. FOCUS performed and danced as an inspiration to these graduating students who have inspired to learn to play gospel music.  

One free African Cook book was given out to an audience member. (Avalible for purchase on this website) http://focusmuzik.org/marketplace.php 

Kids recieved free beach balls as a gift from FOCUS to promote keeping  "Your Body in FOCUS".

African Items sold after the Piano recital.
       Proceeds go towards the new Album!    

             The Afro-Centric Look!   

    African Day at Kansas Avenue Church
    February 2, 2012

  FOCUS performed at Kansas 
  Avenue SDA Church for their
 African Day Celebration. It was
  a high day of praise and
  The highlight of the day was
  FOCUS performing an South
African Praise song with the
  churches' youth choir.


FOCUS pozes for comical pix after the concert!

     Annual African Breakfast and  Concert  
     December 4, 2011

     FOCUS hosted thier 1st annual African   
breakfast and concert in December.   
     Authentic African breakfast foods were
 prepared by the group members and
     served to all who came out to support 
     this CD fundraiser concert. 

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