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 Welcome to FOCUS
Focused OChrist United in Song


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We are a group of dedicated young souls, based in Sunny Southern California, who specialize in singing African Rhythms. You will hear FOCUS sing Afro-jazz, traditional African music, Contemporary African Praise and Worship, American Gospel and the list doesn’t stop there. All the songs sung by FOCUS are original and written or arranged by members of the group.

  More than anything else singing is our air, our therapy for life. Some of us are from different countries in Africa and some from the States. We currently represent Ghana, Nigeria, Puerto Rico Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The thing about music is that you can reach people for Christ in a way like no other because everyone loves to hear good music. We want our music to be so much more than good sound and chills. We want it to be the kind of music that changes your perspective on your problem; that lets you know that whatever it is, God can handle it if you let Him.


 Why FOCUS? Because there are so many things that we spend time thinking about and chasing in life that we often miss the point. God created each one of us for a purpose. We should live our lives daily in focus of what that purpose is. Everything we do and all our plans should point back to that purpose.


Have you ever heard the “Running like a chicken with its head cut off”? In most of Africa we eat chicken. Fresh chicken. When you’re ready to eat, you can go select one and have its head cut off. Then the chicken begins to run. With all its might, it runs in circles bumps in to things and puts all effort towards getting away. But it has no head. It can’t see where it’s going. It’s almost funny. When it gets tired it stops running and gives up.

God is the head and has eyes to see where the head is going. A chicken with a head has a great chance of getting away. All its efforts of running are more likely to be successful when the head is leading. It is important to live your life and spend all your efforts running with God leading. Then you are getting somewhere.

MISSION STATEMENT: "An Afro-Centric Gospel Music group who's passion is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world"

                  YOUR MIND IN FOCUS

"Lord, let all that we do focus less on ourselves and more on you!"

 Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle  

December 2015

  READ 2 Corintians 3:2-3
Jesus said that if we love one another, others will know that we are His disciples. How will they know? Because love in action will convince them. The love we have for Jesus and for fellow believers will determine how we respond to God’s will and, in turn, how we treat one another. Furthermore, the love and concern that we have for those outside of God’s fold will determine how we treat them too. This is the sermon that they will see and observe, and it speaks louder than anything you could ever say.



         Many parents have noticed that very early
         in life their children develop an internal
          “hypocrisy detector” that becomes
         enhanced and fine-tuned as they grow older.















We must be aware, therefore, that many of the people we associate with, and witness to, also have a highly developed ability to recognize the difference between a genuine spiritual experience and a mere profession of spirituality.


Read 2 Corinthians 3:2-3. What is Paul saying about the way in which God wants to use His people to influence the lives of others?


Produced by the General Conference Office of Adventist Missions:Adult Lesson Study   


Our History


FOCUS was formed in the summer of 2006. The Director Bright Madakiwe, after relocating to the United States from Zimbabwe, had a vision forming a group of individuals who love to sing and strive to live the lifestyle the God requires of us. He put together a group of young people one by one and they began practicing weekly. They soon found that their voices blended well together and even as the group continues to change in members, it has managed to maintain the unique sound of modern and traditional African Christian music with some hints of American Gospel Music.     

FOCUS strives to point those to whom they minister, towards the love and life that Jesus Christ wants us to live. They strive to cause individuals to connect with the lifestyle designed for God’s people, when their lives are focused on Him.




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